What are the responsibilities of a course instructor?

As a course instructor, you create courses on Skilltransfer. The instructor creates all the course content, with guidance from us on learning design, and we then work together to put the course on the platform.

What kind of course instructors does Skilltransfer work with?

Course instructors can touch fields such as Advertising, Consulting, Corporate Management, Graphic Design, Project Management, or Startup Funding.

We also welcome applications from experts in Philosophy, Political Economy, Psychology, Physics, Sociology, Sustainability, and other fields. The aim is to equip tomorrow’s leaders with skills to transform their lives and impact the world by providing curated and practical online courses.

What criteria do you need to meet to become a course instructor at Skilltransfer?

To keep the quality of our courses as high as possible we have some criteria for who we work with. Generally we look for expert instructors who:

– possess a minimum of two to three years of relevant field experience;
– created considerable impact or results (reduced 50K tons of carbon emissions, raised 1M in startup funding, led a corporate department, or accomplished similar remarkable achievements);
– conducted academic research in the relevant field of the course; and
– brings along committment to advancing business education.

These are the key selection criteria. We also ask for a written proposal, outlining the intended course curriculum and length.

What are the benefits of being a course instructor at Skilltranfer?

Build a global brand

Partnering with Skilltranfer means sharing your courses with thousands of learners around the world. This is a great way to showcase your personal brand to a global audience. When opting into our Ad Programme, your advertised course can receive 100,000+ ad impressions.

Generate an income

At Skilltranfer, your revenue share will be 90% of the Net Amount less any applicable deductions, such as student refunds. When opting into our Ad Programme, we will advertise the course for you, in which case you will receive 50% of the course profit. Please read our Instructor Terms and Promotions Policy for further details.

Share your research and skills

Our growing learner base means the audience for your course can be tens of thousands of people. You will have the opportunity to share, discuss, and collaborate with other course instructors as part of the Skillshare Expert Network.

This group meets quarterly (online) and meeting topics can include: current business trends, future of business education, or future skill requirements.

Attract new clients

As well as showcasing your brand to a global audience of learners, you also gain the opportunity to present students your own existing services and products. The more practical value you provide through your courses, the more likely you will be perceived as an expert and gain a following.

Learn our course creation process

Working alongside Skillshare, you will get complete support during the creation of your course. You receive access to our internal course creation process resources, showing you every step of the process. We collaborate with you to help you develop and deliver practical courses that lead students to better results.

Get in touch

If you are interested in becoming a course instructor, then please send us a written proposal at hello@skilltransfer.org, outlining the intended course curriculum and length. Please also state your qualifications and include a link to your LinkedIn account. We will review all applications and get in touch with you as soon as possible.